Affplus review in 2020 [Everything you need to know]

Affplus Review

What is affplus?

Affplus is a search engine for affiliate marketers from beginners to experts. Affplus is not an affiliate marketing website but a search engine to find a perfect affiliate program for you to promote and earn money.

How to use affplus?

Affplus is a simple website where different affiliate program is listed simply. With the help of a filter, you can simply choose the networks and countries that you want to promote.

For example, You want to promote trading business in the USA.So you simply choose the country USA and a network related to trading. In this way, you will get the different affiliate programs of your interest so that you can start promoting them on different social media platforms.

How to sign up or register in affplus?

There is no signup option in affplus to the date. Actually, you don’t need it, because it’s just a search engine, not an affiliate program.

But it would be easier to analyze our past programs if it had a login system.

Is affplus genuine?

Although this website is for over 8 years, there is not much information or opinion of people about this site on the internet. However, this website seems genuine because there is nothing on this site to be scammed. After all, you are not spending any money here.

It’s completely free. You are also not giving any information as you don’t have to log in to this site.

It’s just a search engine where you can find affiliate products. There is not much to worry about.

How to get an affiliate link to promote?

Once you choose the affiliate program you want to promote. With just one click you will get detailed information about that product including commission rates.

Most of the programs are Cost per Action type. But after spending some time you also find other different types of programs.

You will also get the affiliate program link in this right section. Remember this is not the affiliate link. In order, you get your unique affiliate link. You have to sign up in that particular affiliate network through the link in that description.

Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to a signup form of that particular affiliate network. And here you can complete the signup form with details and get your unique affiliate link to promote.

How to promote your affiliate link?

I order to promote the affiliate link you have to make few moves on online platforms such as:

Build a simple web page to bring your visitors

Build a simple webpage where you can bring visitors from different social media platforms and make them know about it.

For example, You are promoting a weight loss product. Then build a beautiful web page that describes everything about your affiliate product which makes them buy this product or service.

Build Facebook and Instagram page

To get long term audiences, you have to show your social media presence and act as an influencer. Remember do not make a page with the name of that affiliate product. It seems more money-oriented. Rather make a page with the name of the niche or category.

In this case, don’t create a page with XYZ (name of the product). Create a page with the name of the weight loss category such as Weight loss tips for men and women.

On this page start adding value through the tips and information and makes the audience have faith in you. And occasionally you can promote the affiliate product saying that it’s the best for you. In this way, you will have higher conversions.

Remember, always make your intention to help people. People will automatically start using your affiliate product and services once you add value to them.

And these audiences don’t go away. They stick with you.

After some time the affiliate network may expire. But don’t worry choose another similar category product and start promoting it.

In this case, if one affiliate program related to weight loss expires, choose another affiliate product in the weight loss category. This time it will be a lot easier because you already have people following you on social media platforms in the weight loss category.

Also, spend some time in quora answering a question related to your category and product. Simply leave the link to direct them to your webpage. Don’t directly leave your affiliate link in quora. First, bring the people to the webpage where everything is explained.

Other sites like affplus

There are other few sites like this such as:




Among these Offervault is the most famous one and trustworthy. You can read about Offervault here.

Pros and Cons

You can use this site for free.There is not much information to say that all affiliate products listed here are genuine.
Almost all categories of affiliate products are available to promote almost all over the world.


Moreover, affplus is a search engine site that helps you find a good affiliate product you want to promote to different networks throughout the world for free.

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  1. This is interesting. I have been trying this Affiliate Commission Marketing for 6 months and I am still not making any money — What am I doing wrong?
    I try a minimum of 1 to 2 hours nearly every day. HELP! PLEASE!

    1. Hi there,
      Try creating instagram and tiktok pages and make some followers in some specific niche.Then try promoting your product through that pages.This trick works good.It may take some time but its worth it

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