Askwonder review 2020 –Make money by doing simple web researches?

Askwonder Review

You may be interested in making money online by doing web researches in askwonder. But, is Askwonder is a worthy website to spend time on? Can you make money from this site? Well here is complete information about the askwonder site that you need to know before you get started.

What is askwonder?

Ask wonder is an online platform that is used by business owners and companies to perform web researches on different topics such as mathematics, politics, culture, technology food, and many more. These web searches are performed by the online workers working on that site. You can be one of them too.

You can also work for Askwonder and start earning very good money from this site by doing simple web researches. But here are a few things you need to know before applying for this site.

How can you make money from askwonder?

There is only one way to make money in askwonder i.e. by doing web researches that are a few hours long starting from 1 hour and you will be paid accordingly. To work in askwonder, you have to go through the registration and complete 3 steps application which we will discuss later.

How much can you make from askwonder? –Askwonder pay rate

askwonder review
askwonder registeration

Askwonder is a very renowned company and has a very decent amount of money. Ask wonder’s freelancers’ average pay rate is 15-18$ per hour. But as a newbie, you will earn 8$ per hour.

After you get experienced, you can earn even up to 35$ per hour at this time. But this will take quite a long time but it is possible to earn even 35$ per hour by doing web researches.

The pay rate also depends upon the difficulty of work.

How to start work on askwonder?

To start working for askwonder, you have to get selected from their side. And it’s not an easy part. It’s quite competitive nowadays as many people are applying. However, by showing your research skill, you can impress them and start earning money.

4 steps of the application

First step

First of all, you have to register on the site by proving username and email. This process is very simple and similar to other online platforms. After registration, you will have to verify the email and that’s it for the first step.

askwonder registration
make money from askwonder

Second step

From the second step, you have to be careful and confident to fill the application. They will start testing you from this step. Make sure you have a good internet connection and a good device to complete the step. The link to the second step application will be provided through email.

In this step, you have to provide your detailed information like name, location, email, educational background as well as you have to submit a resume and a written sample of the article, essay, or any technical writing sample. So make sure you make ready of resume and a sample of your writing skill.

Third step

In the third step, you will they will test your English vocabulary and understating through multiple-choice questions. This step is very crucial to mark your skill. You don’t have to submit any kind of documents here. You will receive the third step application through email after you complete your second step.

Fourth/Last step

This is the last and most important step of the selection process. This step is one hour long. You have to perform dummy work for them so that they can check your research skill and find whether you are the best fit or not.

Here you will be given a question to answer that requires around one hour of work. They will give a question that you have to answer in the given format. There is no time limit but you will have a positive impression if you can submit the answer within one hour to stating the fourth step.

The link will be provided through email once you complete the third step.

Once you complete the application and get selected for the askwonder freelancer team you will be also be rewarded 50$.

Pros and cons

Genuine and trustworthy siteNeed good English
High pay rateDifficult to get selected


Hence, askwonder is a genuine and trustworthy site where you can make money by doing small web researches. Although the selection process is long and tedious, it’s worth trying because you will be able to make a very good amount of money by working from the comfort of your home.

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