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Clickbank Review

Are you interested in earning money from home through affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful job in today internet works. Click bank is site which provides you a different products such as health and fitness,home decor,gadgets etc.

What is clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate program where you can promote different products of different categories such as health,software,gadgets etc.

Clickbank is a private affiliate market place founded back in 1998.Its head office is in United states.It is one of the leading affiliate marketplace which has been covered by different magazines throughout these years.

How does clickbank work?

Clickbank has its own marketplace.For each product you promote,you will get good commissions.Clickbank simply provides the commission directly to you.

How to register in clickbank?

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To start clickbank affiliate marketing ,you have to sin up on this site and create a account to grab a affiliate to promote.You just have to provide some basic details and email to crate a account.Make sure that you can receive direct deposit of your earning from clickbank.

What can your promote in clickbank?

Both digital and physical products are abundant in this site.Digital products are likely to have more conversion than physical products.Among physical products health related products are the one among the most sold.

How to get affiliate link of any product?

You can simply go to search bar and find the product you want to promote.For example,you want to promote weight loss product.Simply type of search bar about eaight loss.

Different affiliate programs will pop up and you can choose the product that you are confident to promote.After choosing the product,simply click on the promote button .After you click promote set up a name for your affiliate campaign and click on generate hoplink(your unique affiliate link of clickbank)

How to promote affiliate link?

The best way to promote the affiliate link for free is to share it on Facebook groups.First of all join Facebook groups where the similar problem is discussed.If you want to promote weight loss product ,then join such social media groups.

Do not just try to sell the product directly,rather try to help people et rid of their people and finally suggest about the product you are promoting.

Owning Instagram page with good follower is the best way to promote product.The followers on Instagram will have higher conversion and they will be with you for once and all.

Try running Instagram page on a category that you love.It will help a lot in future for earning from internet because you always need audience to sell your promotions.

Others opinion about clickbank

While going through different reviews, we find that clickbank has mixed review.Many people say that it is a good affiliate program where many people say clickbank has lost its quality and has many spam products in the affiliate program.

Its true indeed.Clickbank used to be more trustworthy in past days.They used to focus on quality of affiliate programs but now with the cut throat completion,they are focusing on quantity which is degrading their trust among their users.

Although there are some and side of clickbank,it is still one of the biggest affiliate network in the world.

Share a sale,Jvzoo are other affiliate programs for you if your are not comfortable with clickbank.

How much can you earn from clickbank?

After few months of practicing affiliate marketing,making 100$ per day is not a big deal.You should learn what your audience want to buy.You should learn to make high conversion of audience you have.

You can get some free trainings of clickbank affiliate marketing from here and there in internet.After learning affiliate marketing properly,you can easily moetize this site properly to make good sum of money.

Pros and Cons of clickbank

Genuine and reputed site.Many spam products in recent days.
High commission rate


Moreover, clickbank is a great opportunity for making good income by monetizing audience through affiliate marketing.Click is simple and friendly for both beginners and pros of affiliate marketers.

You can simply try clickbank yourself by register in and grabbing affiliate link of products you want to promote.

Tip : Maxbounty is another top affiliate program.

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