Clicksfly review in 2020 – [Everything you need to know about clicksfly]

What is Clicksfly?

Clicksfly is a genuine website which is mainly used by small websites in order to make revenue from their websites through advertisement.

Clicks fly is actually an advertisement platform where you can shorten your links.

How clicksfly works?

When you shorten you links from clicks fly and share it,anybody who clicks on the link will end up in ad and after some interaction with that ad page,the user will be redirected to the original content.

Many small websites and You Tubers use this link shorten technique form clicks fly to make some extra bucks.

How much do clicksfly pay?

Clicks fly usually pays 3 to15$ per thousand views of ads according to the tier of countries from where visitors click your shortened link.

Some to the top countries and payment and be seen in the table.

How to signup for clicksfly?

In order to sign up for click fly you have to go to their website and submit basic information like email address and username.After signup,you can simply log in for cilcksfly.

Every time you want to shorten some link and promote,you just have to put the link and you will get ad inserted shorten link.

Unfortunately, clicksfly has been closed since October 2019.Clicksfly is coming with new version 2.0.In the signup section they have put the survey form in order to get feedback from users and enhance their system.Till then we are unable to use clicksfly.

clicksfly review
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Click Here to check Clicks fly website for latest update.

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