Clickworker review in 2020 [Everything you need to know]

Summary: In case you are in a hurry

  • Clickworker is a genuine site where you can earn money by doing simple tasks like survey, web searching, and many more.
  • You do not require any skill to complete this works
  • Most of the work can be completed from the mobile.
  • Download the Clickworker app. Turn on the notification and stay updated and jobs.
  • Join other sites like clickworker.Do not rely on only one site.
  • You can make somewhere between 5$ to 20$ per hour and a few hundred bucks a month.

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a popular website among part-time online hustlers. This website is well known for earning some extra bucks in spare time. But does it actually worth of time? In this complete review of clickworker, we will see everything needs to be known about clickworker before joining this site.

Clickworker offers different types of micro jobs such as surveys, reviews, opinion sharing, taking photos and uploading, few lines data entries, and such different small tasks.

The beauty of this site is you need not to be a pro in a particular field to get work. With just a simple laptop or mobile and basic skills, you can accomplish tasks and generate some extra cash in your spare time.

This becomes really helpful for students to spare some extra cash.

Clickworker app

Clickworker is in there for a quite long time of over of 15 years now. Clickworker also has its app so that its worker gets handier and have the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime. You even don’t need a laptop most of the time.

So is clickworker legit?

Yes, definitely. Clickworker is a genuine site where you can spend some time regularly and earn some extra cash. I would prefer clickworker only if I am new to the online world (because there are a lot more ways to make much more money) or want to make some extra cash.

Is clickworker free?

Yes, Clickworker is completely free to join anybody.

Can we work from anywhere in the world?

Yes, clickworker is available for most of the countries in the world. But the workload depends on the country you are living infer example people living in North America can have more number of work than in Asia but there will be work to do all over the world.

Clickworker signup -How to get started with Clickworker?

clickworker review

To get started with click worker you have to sign up with email and a username and fill up the basic details and some hobbies, skills, and experience so that you will be assigned work similar to your interest.

Is clickworker for all age groups?

Clickworker is mainly for people over the age of 18. But there is hardly any task that is related to adultery. So I guess even younger can join the site. I mean it’s up to you. But clickworker asks you to put a date of birth of over 18 years while registering in it.

How to get more works in clickworker?

Install the clickworker app on your phone. Turn on the notification and check the app frequently to always take advantage of others.

Is there plenty of work in clickworker?

Nowadays, every tom and harry are creating and promoting products online because it has been easy like never before. So there are plenty of surveys, and tasks in clickworker for you.

How much can earn from clickworker?

It’s hard to say the exact number but you can earn somewhere between 5$ to 20$ per hour and earn a few hundred bucks monthly.

What if I don’t get enough tasks?

You must not rely on only one platform rather join multiple platforms similar to clickworker. Ysense is one of them. You can find such genuine sites like clickworker here.

Clickworker referral program to make more money

Clickworker also offers a referral program that helps you to make more money through this site if you can bring people to join this site and work for it. For the first 10$ your referral makes by working, you will be awarded 5$.

So from this referral program also you will be able to make extra bucks other than from micro works.

Others view about Clickworker

Researching on quora and other open platforms make me conclude that this site is genuine but people are less satisfied with the pay rates.

Conclusion: Clickworker final review

Clickworker is worth working to make extra money by doing a simple job without any particular skill. But you cannot rely on clickworker to pay your bills because the workload on clickworker is not uniform.

In one month you may earn good cash but next month your earning may not be satisfactory.

If someone wants a good sum of money and has already spent some time in online work, he/she should think of making a good source of money online because online now has a huge potential.

One should start like blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, digital marketing if someone really wants to earn some serious money for a long interval of time through online.

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