FLIPPA – Sell your work or business.

Flippa is a genuine platform where you can sell your assets such as website,domain ,app and other business and earn money.Here you can also buy others assets. You will given 25$ for your asset and 200$ for your business.

In order to start earning from this site you just have to sign up in order to create an account and build your profile.Using that account you can either sell or buy assets or business.If you want to earn money from this you have to create website or app and sell them here.If you able to sell a website in a day you can earn 25$ per day. 
* Tip
If you have money you can buy app websites from other places such as fiver and upwork in 15 to 20$ and sell here in 25$ so that you can make 5$ -10$ margin for doing nothing. 

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