Fotolia review 2021 – Earn money from selling photos

Fotolia is an online marketplace for selling and buying photos that have over 2 million users. This company is more than 15 years old and has over 80 million photos. It is one of the leading companies in the world for buying and selling photos.

How does Fotolia work?

The buying and selling of photos take place every day on the internet and Fotolia is one of the biggest online marketplaces. No matter your skill is, either amateur or professional, you can start your journey of selling photos and earning money online.

How to register for Fotolia?

To start in Fotolia, the first step is to sign up and start working. You can sign up within a minute by sampling providing basic details and conforming email.

After signup and confirming the email you will get access to the Fotolia dashboard.

fotolia review
earn money from selling photos

Fotolia is a company of adobe

Fotolia is a company of adobe, so you have to link Fotolia to an adobe account to be able to upload images. You can link your Fotolia account with an adobe account by clicking on contribute a new section on Fotolia.

After linking both accounts, you can upload the photo and provide a description about it and submit the file.

Once you submit the photo, the Fotolia team will review it and either accept it or reject it. After the photo is accepted you can set the price for your photo starting from 5 credit which is equal to 5$.

Many times Fotolia accepts images from amateur too. So you always need not be a pro in photography to sell a photo on Fotolia.

How does Fotolia pay?

Fotolia has a different system called credits. One credit is equal to 1$ and the standard price for a picture is 5$.

Once you have 50 credits or above, you can redeem it to money and withdraw it.

You can withdraw money through PayPal and Skrill but you have to wait 45 days to cash out due to their policies.

You will earn somewhere between 20-63% of every sale. For more information, read in detail about the payout policies.

Pros and Cons

Genuine and reputed platform.Takes 45 days to withdraw money.
Accepts amateur pictures as well


Therefore if you are interested in photography and want to turn your hobby into a source of side income then you should try Fotolia. It is one of the famous and legit companies in this field.

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