Hiresine review in 2020 [Read this before you sign up]

Hiresine Review

You might have seen an advertisement of Hiresine claiming that you will earn 6$ per page and might have wandered that this site is legit or a scam. Well here is a complete review of hiresine. Make sure to read it completely before using that site.

What is Hiresine?

Hire is a 3-year-old website that claims to be a platform where you can be well paid for doing simple jobs like surveys, typing, and others.

Is hiresine legit?

No hiresine is not legit. It is a scam website. You will not be able to make money from this website rather may lose your data/information. This types of website exist so that it can make money through advertisement by making people spend time on their website.

Hiresine typing jobs

On this website, it says you can earn money by typing jobs and get paid well. But this is a scam because it just wants to attract people to their website by showing that it’s easy to make money online just by doing some simple typing jobs. Anybody can do this typing job and anybody gets attracted to this site.

Not that you cannot earn money from a typing job. You can earn from typing job but for that also you need some definitive skill set. There are other genuine websites where you can earn money by doing creative writing but not just by typing.

If you can earn money by typing then you will be paid very less. Not like hiresine promises. Hiresine is not legit at all. They just make fake promises so that you stick with their website and they make money through advertisements.

Why hiresine is fake?

Too Much advertisement

The Hiresine website is full of advertisements. Any genuine company would not show an ad on its website because it will keep negative impressions to the users and they will have a bad experience. But hiresine does this because they want to make money from advertisements.

Fake reviews

hiresine review
hiresine complaints

While crawling through the website where you can find the reviews of their top client and companies. All these names of people are fake and their reviews are also fake.

hiresine complaints
hiresine review

Among these, you can also find a person named John Doe as CEO of Taylor guitars. But Kurt LIstug is CEO of Taylor guitars. Generally, John Doe is a name given in Hollywood after a person whose actual name is unknown. Meaning they are giving a random name and fake reviews of their own.

Below we can even see BMW logos in their top client list. They are all fake.

Hiresine complaints all over the internet

You will hardly find a single good review about this website. Quora and other open question-answer platforms are full of negative reviews for this website. They say that this website is full of scam and a waste of time.

What can you do?

To make money online, you need to have good knowledge about a particular skill. You will rarely make money without any particular skill.

Spend some time developing some particular skills and start working on genuine sites. You will be able to make a good amount of money by working just a few hours.

Or you can use other people’s talent by spending some money to start your own thing online.

Genuine sites to make money

Genuine sites for micro jobs

Clickworker and Ysense are two popular websites for micro jobs and surveys. You need no prior experience or skill to work on this website. However, you will be paid less money.

Genuine sites for writing jobs.

Sites like Lionbridge, ferpection are genuine for doing writing jobs. You need some skill to join these sites but it’s not that tough to work here.

Genuine sites for freelancing

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancers are known for freelancing jobs. You need to have a good skill set to work on this site. Spend some time developing a skill. After that, you can earn a very high amount of money from freelancing. Trust me it can even make you rich if you are very good at it.


Hiresine is a fake and scan website. Don’t provide time, information, and money to these types of websites. Rather develop a good skill and find a better and genuine alternative platform to make money online.

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