How to earn 100$ from listverse in 2021?


Listverse Review

Are you interested in making 100$ a day? Then this is the perfect article for you.I am going to introduce with a website which pays 100$ dollar directly to your pay-pal account for creating top 10 list.

What is listverse?

List verse is one of the best website that pays you such a big amount for writing.List verse is a big website where you can find top 10 list of interesting facts and other.

Here you can earn by creating a top 10 lists for them.

But its not easy.Only few articles will be accepted by this site.

Knowing that 100$ per article is a good pay rate but getting your article selected is the toughest thing here.

How does listverse work?

Listverse is a website where you can read top 10 category articles.It is one of the famous blog in top 10 categories.

Daily mind blowing articles are published in this site.

And these article are written by writers from all around the world like you.

Listverse pays you for your article if it is to be published in their site.Otherwise,they neither post your article nor pay you for your work.

They only pay you if your article gets selected and published in their site.If your article is not selected then you own that article.

You can sell this article to other website or even publish it in your own blog.

How can you make 100$ from listverse?

In order to earn from this site,you have to be exceptional writer.People should love your content and enjoy reading.

Your content should be unique and and mind blowing.Its very difficult to get your article selected for this site.

But if your really good at your work,you can make 100$ just by working few hours.

Read here about the article criteria for being selected in listverse.

If your writing skill is as poor as mine,don’t even think about it.

How to signup for listverse?

listverse review

You need not to signup in this site.Every time you want to submit a article ,you have to fill up a form with basic details,paypal id and your article.

If your article is selected,then you will be instantly paid 100$ to your paypal account that you have submitted.

If your list is not accepted they will send you an email.Although your article get rejected,you own the right of that article.

you can publish it in your own blog or try to submit it in other website which accepyts top 10 list.

To work for this website,you have to be good in English,a love for unusual and interesting things and a good sense of humor.

Others opinion about listverse

Listverse is a genuine and famous blog site.It definitely pays your if your work is accepted.

You don’t have to worry about that.

People on other platforms and review site are happy and have provided positive reviews for this site.Both readers and writes are happy with this site.

Is it really worth your time?

In short ,answer is both yes and no.

Preparing an exceptional article takes hell of a work,skill and energy.

After all this ,if your work is not accepted,you will not get paid for your time which will be frustrating.

But if your have really good skill of writing and exceptional talent,then you are likely to be accepted and get paid.

So ,if you are not good at writing,its not worth your time.

Pros and Cons

High pay rate.Need excellent skill of writing .
Genuine and reputed site.Highly competitive .

Final Verdict

Moreover,listverse is not a earning source for beginner.If you are really good at writing skill and want to earn money by doing so,then listverse can be a really great option.

For more information click here.

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