How to make money with small YouTube channel in 2021

make money with small YouTube channel

We know that if you get many views otherwise you have an enormous audience that you simply can actually make pretty good money on YouTube. But what do you do if you have a small channel or you’re just starting out in this video.

Here is five practical ways to make money on YouTube even if you have a small audience or channel and also share some advanced tips coming up hey what’s up influencers.

Here is five specific strategies for building your income on YouTube if you have a small audience and a small channel or you’re just starting out now you may have heard some of these strategies.

I believe that in this training you’re going to learn some advanced tips and maybe some case studies and some creative ideas that you’ve never thought of before so let’s dive into the training right now to get these tips but let’s get a strategy.

Secondly which is revenue you know we talked about how to grow your audience that first step is going to help you do that there’s going to help you grow your income. We wanted to specifically go through five ways to earn $500 plus with YouTube.

You’ve heard maybe some of these before maybe you haven’t but we have some good case studies and illustrations and we’re going to be talking about.

YouTube ads we will be talking about affiliate marketing brand deals merchant products and crowd funding and give you some actionable stuff .

so if you’re saying you know how to make this sustainable because you recognize we’d like money to fund the mission and you ought to never be ashamed of that right

If you would like to show your creativity into career you have to figure out how to monetize and one of the ways to do that is with YouTube ads the problem is right  


This is mostly within the US so even international this is often typically a touch bit lower is that you simply get usually two dollars per thousand video views.

That’s called a CPM so if your goal waste get five hundred dollars on YouTube ,you would need a quarter million views .If you wanted to get five hundred dollars like a month you would need to at least get at least that many views.  


If you would like to work out the way to build your income with YouTube ads is you only need tons tons tons of views then that’s actually why this is our least favorite way of making money on YouTube.  

We have to share it it could be helpful could be a bonus but we want to dive into some better strategies and so the second one is affiliate marketing. This is basically what affiliate marketing is you check in for an affiliate program.  

Just like say Amazon Associates then you’ll get a custom link that you simply put in your YouTube description then when visitors click thereon link you’ll make money it’s as simple as that so if you recommend a beauty product or technology or a pet product or clothing.  


Through one link there’s a few other services that do this as well and so this is a progression that’s really big in affiliate marketing right now .  

You know because you have a world audience especially on YouTube and appearance into one link if you’re already doing Amazon and appearance into expanding into basically smart links which helps you it what it does is it decides what store like people are coming from then it just takes them to the right . It’s not just Amazon that’s doing this so.  


You have probably heard about this before it’s like patron and a great example if somebody was a part of our advanced training and private and can make hundreds of people support you through patron. I think that’s the key here to always lead with value first. So crowd funding is a great way.  


Another way is merchant products and so I asked in our group recently I said hey what are some of the products you guys have one person’s got a journal on Amazon.  

So this could be t-shirts accessories digital products art create creative stuff music selling songs on iTunes or anywhere coaching freelance services so many different ways to do product.   One cool site for this is merged

There’s a lot of different ones tee spring but this is kind of a hot new one before. All you got to do is upload your artwork set your price they print it they ship it and you get the royalties and so something simple like .This is to build your income .

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