Mturk review 2021[Amazon Mechanical Turk review]

Mtruk review

Mturk is a website that pays you to do small tasks that require no prior experience. Before jumping on this site, here are some things you need to know such as pay rate, payment method, and work availability.

What is mturk?

Mturk is a company of amazon and many people from all over the world work on this site to earn some extra cash. Many works are done more accurately by humans than computers. Still in the modern day’s human skill is required to do some small tasks such as transcription, survey, searches, and many more. These tasks are performed more effectively by humans than computers.

How does mturk work?

Different companies and people have small tasks to complete and for that, they need people who can do them at an as low price as possible. Mturk connects those clients with workers. People from around the world want to earn extra cash from jobs from home and companies do need such people.

Clients give their work in mturk and workers pick the work and complete it and get paid.

How much can you make from mturk?

It depends upon the work you choose to do. Depending upon the type of work you want to do, you will be paid accordingly. Roughly speaking, you will be able to earn somewhere between 2$ to 8$ per hour depending on the work accuracy and difficulty.

Payment method

Although mechanical turk (mturk) is a big company, the payment method is limited. Mturk allows amazon gift card redeem or bank transfer of your earning.

Is amazon mechanical turk genuine?

Yes, amazon mechanical turk is genuine and there is no doubt about it, It belongs to amazon which is one of the leading companies in the world.

Mturk is not only genuine site. If you don’t like mturk, you may like ysense or clickworker which are other genuine sites that allow you to make money by doing simple jobs without any prior experience.

Types of jobs in mturk

mturk review
amazon mechanical turk
amazon mechanical turk review

There are different types of micro tasks in amazon mechanical turk which can be classified into 3 different groups. They are


Here you have to transcribe the audio or video file. Depending on the accuracy and speed, your earning will be affected. If you are good at transcription and can complete the tasks accurately, then you will be earning somewhere between 2$ to 5$ per hour from a transcription job.


Surveys depend on the country you live in. People living in the USA and Europe will receive well-paid surveys that people from Asia. From the survey, you will be able to make somewhere between 2$ to 5$ per hour.

Google search

Here you have to perform a Google search and submit short answers. These tasks have a higher pay rate compared to other tasks. Here you can earn somewhere between 4$ to 8$ per hour depending on the difficulty of the work. Performing Google search is one of the best ways to make money on this site.

Others opinion about amazon mechanical turk

Mturk has overall good reviews on Site-jabber and quora. People responded to it as a genuine site to earn extra cash. Some people are also not satisfied with the limited payment method. Also, some people are complaining that they are receiving very little work based on their location.

Pros and Cons

Work on your scheduleLow pay rate
A good amount of work availableBank transfer is the only payment method
A limited number of workers is accepted.


Moreover, amazon mechanical turk or mturk is a genuine website where you will get paid to do simple jobs without any prior experience. Here you can earn some extra cash by working on free time.

Since limited numbers of workers are accepted on this site, odds are you will not be accepted but it’s worth applying. If you do not get accepted for this site.Here is a similar site that is genuine and you will be accepted easily.

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