Online Book Club Review 2020 -Read this before you sign up

What is online book club?

Online book club is a genuine website that is club formed by book lovers and authors.More than 95% of users are book readers while less than 5% users are authors.This is a platform where you can read book for free for sharing genuine opinion about a book whether it be positive or negative.

Is online book club free ?

Yes online book club is free to join.You don’t have to pay any charges to join this site.Here you can find books with different category and their genuine review.There is also a book of the month section where you can find the best selected book for the month.

How to register/sign up for online book club?

online book club
online book club review

To sign up or register in online book club ,you just need a email and password to set up.After that you can simply log in this website and interact with the website.

Remember you can only interact website but not are eligible to make reviews and earn money.You have to go through a sample test of reviewing a book which you will get free to read.

Once you submit the review and you are approved by the site,then only you can nake money form this site.

Can we make money from Online book club?

You can earn some where between 5$ to 60$ per book for sharing your genuine opinion.At the beginning you will not et much books to review neither you will be paid high to review a book.

Once you start spending time on online book club ,you will get more reviews with high pay rates.This website is more of a platform then a money making site.You will be able to make extra cash every month doing what you love and have been doing for free.

How can I make money from online book club?

In order to make money form online book club you have to first pass the test.They will provide you a free book to read for sharing your genuine opinion.Once they feel you are good at this,they will allow you to do paid reviews.

You can earn somewhere between 5$ to 60$ per book review according to the book and your profile.

How much can I earn from online book club?

You will be hardly earning few hundred dollars even you are really good at it.This is a interaction platform not a freelancing or online earning site.But if you are a book lover and enjoy reading books then this website can be a platform where you can turn your passion into earning some extra cash.

Is online book club worth of your time?

Online book club cannot be a good source to make money online.You will hardly earn money from this website.If you are not a book lover,then this site is not for you.You will not be able to make money as much you spend time on it.

Online book club for authors

Also if you are a author or writer ho want to get their book reviewed and et the genuine feedback form the readers through out the world,then this site is also very useful to them.You can get your book reviewed at very low price form the readers around the world.

You can spend some amount of money for getting genuine review and improve the book before getting it published.This not only improves the book but also make a sort of impression among readers about the book.

It is also some just of marketing or advertisement on such a huge platform.


Online book club is a platform for book lovers, who want to read book for free and also earn few bucks.This site is genuine but cannot be a good source of online income.

Click here to check out for online book club.

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