People per hour review .Is it worth in 2021?

people per hour

People per hour Review

What is People per hour?

People per hour is genuine website where you can earn money by selling your skills.But is it worth in 2021?

Its a freelancing website  where you can sell your skills such as web developing ,photo editing,scripting,coding,data entry,video editing ,logo designing and many more.  

Not just digital services but also offline services are looked on this site.Many people come to this site for looking offline workers too such as nanny,caretakers etc.

This thing make this site different from other freelancing sites.But most of the work there are digital services.

How does people per hour work?

People per hour hour is a free platform to join and work.For any work you do,you can charge anywhere between 10$ to 100$ or more.

Many new companies and business owners are in search of digital services such as logo design,flyers design,website design, SEO and many others.

According to your skill you can charge your client for it.Thousands of freelancers earn from people per hour everyday.  

Don’t worry if you have no skills on any field through online courses.You can simple learn them within weeks or month and starting earning after few months.

Any skills takes no longer than a month to learn,Its easy and there is high need of freelancers in today’s world.  

There are hundreds of services to offer on this site in different categorizes such as

  • Technology and programming
  • Writing and translation
  • Design
  • Digital marketing
  • Business
  • Music and audio
  • Marketing branding and sales
  • Social media

How to join people per hour?

people per hour
people per hour review

In order to join people per hour all you have to sign up through a email and set up a profile with your skills that you are good in.

For example if you are good in Photoshop and video editing,you can show some excellent photos on your profile so that clients order works  from you.

Others opinion about people per hour

In trust-pilot people per hour has rating of 4.1 over 5.Most of the customers and clients are satisfied with this site.However some sound that there is less work and high pay rate which makes is more competitive.

Some people are also recommending fiverr over people per hour.

Earn money from people per hour without working

Are you interested in earning money from people per hour without working? Sounds cool Isn’t it? But this is possible but you have to invest some money every time.

Don’t worry you will be in profit every time.

The ideas is that every time you get an order from your client all you have to do is go to other freelancing website such as fiver ,up work and other sites where you can make other freelancers do the same work at much cheaper price.

Fro example,you get an work of photo editing from a client in people per hour where he gives you 15$ for completing it.

Now you have to go to fiver or other freelancing sites where other freelancer do it for just 5 or 10$. So you make them work for 5 or 10 $ and sell it for 15$ without working.

This is how you can make 5 to 10 $ each time as margin without working.  

Click here to join people per hour.

Pros and Cons

Genuine siteLess genuine work
Good pay rateHard for beginners to earn


People per hour is a genuine platform for both freelancers and clients.It is one of the most reputed company in this field.

If your are beginner,better start with fiverr where your are more likely to get work easily.But if your are intermediate and have some experience in your join,then people per hour is a perfect platform for your double your income and also get high pay rate.

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