Scribie review in 2020 – Earn money from audio and video transcription

Summary – In case you are in a hurry

  • Scribie is a genuine website that offers mainly transcription jobs.
  • Scribie mainly offers 1 to 10 minute videos or audios to transcript.
  • You will be making 5 to 25$ per hour depending on your skill and accuracy.
  • PayPal is not only payment method supported by scribie.You need a verified paypal account.
  • You have to pass the transcription test before working on this site.
  • You have have good knowledge of American, British and Indian accents.

Scribie Review

Are you good in reading/writing English?Then this website can be a good platform for you to earn money by just transcription of  the audios and videos.Scribie is genuine and popular website for transcription of audios and media files.  

In transcription job all you  have to do is translate audio and  media files into text by listening them carefully.

What is scribie?

Scribie is a genuine website and have thousand of  clients.So it  is rare that you are out of  job in this website.You can  use scribie tot  translate your audios and videos too.More than 3 million minutes have been transcribed by scribie .

Since this website has good  number of transcribers you can make only extra money  from this site.This cannot be your full time  source of income. You can make just few extra bucks from here.  

Scribie Transcription Jobs

Scribe’s mainly have 1 to 10 minute audios/videos that are to be transcripted with 99% of accuracy and to be submitted in time.

The audio/video transcription includes interviews,podcasts and other different clips.

Scribie pay rates -How much do Scribie pay?

Scribie pay somewhere between 5$ to 25$ per hour as per your skill set and type of project.So if you are good at audio/video transcription, there is a high chance that you will be paid well in scribie transcription jobs.

Qualification for joining scribie

1) Good communication and writing skills.

2) Good understanding of American,Australian,British,Indian accents.Mainly American accent.

3) Have high accuracy [99%] in translation with minimum grammatical errors.

In order to join this website you have to signup through an email but before that you should have a verified PayPal account and that is the only one way to receive payment.

If your country doesn’t support PayPal then you are not able to earn from this site. 

How to apply for Scribie? – Scribie Sign Up Process

scribie review
scribie transcription jobs

In order to sign up for scribie you need a completely verified paypal account link to a bank account.

After you link your paypal account you can simply sign up with basic information.

After you sign up , in order to be eligible to work for scribie you have to pass a transcription test.

After you pass the test you will be able to do the transcription job and earn money.

Scribie Reviews from Others

Going through platform like quora and studying peoples point of view for this site is positive.Most of the people say its a genuine sites that offers service of audio/video transcription as well as hire common people for the transcription job.

Pros and Cons of Scribie

1) Genuine and trust able site.1) Less job compared to other sites because of high number of transcribers.
2) Pays in time2) Only one payment method available i.e PayPal.
3) You need a verified PayPal account before signing up.
Pros and Cons table of scribie.


This is a very good website for student and beginner in online field to earn money by doing it part time.You cannot earn full time income from this site because there is not so much work for individual transcriber.

Rather you can join fiverr,upwork like freelancing sites where you can earn considerably larger sum of money than this sites.

Click here to join scribie website.

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