SPEAK WRITE – Earn money from transcription

Speak write is a online transcription site where you can earn up to 3000$ per month. It is a genuine site running for mare than 10 Years.You can fix your own  time and schedule to work for this site. Average earners get up to 300$ per month while top earners can earn up to 3000$ per month.

Requirements :

1) You should have good typing skills(60 word per min with 90% accuracy)
2) You should be fluent in English.
3) Should be from US or Canada

You can earn up to 10-12 $ per hour through this website. they generally pay 0.5 cent per word.
You will receive 10$ bonus when you sign up for first time.
For start earning from this site,you have to download the audio and follow the instruction and upload the transcirpted document and you will be paid through pay-pal.

Click here to sign up for speak write.

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