Talent desire complete review in 2021 | Is talent desire genuine?

talent desire
talent desire review

Talent Desire Review

Is talent desire genuine?

In short answer,Talent desire is not genuine.

Back then in 2017 and 2018 this website used to accept some good writers to work for them.But now in 2020 this website is nothing but a spam ad machine.

When you visit their website.You will find too much ads around the page.If they are genuine big commercial website then they do not need to put ads on your website like crazy.

They would simply enhance their users experience without putting ad.I mean have you ever noticed ads like hell in any genuine website?This is a good way to analyze any website if you are new to the online world.

The website is made such that you spent much of your time here so that they get more impression on their ads and make them profit. Nothing more.They promise to pay somewhere between 10-30$ per hour but when you sign up for their website you do not get any response from them.

Why Talent desire in not genuine?

Too much advertisement

Talent desire webpage is full of advertisements. A genuine company would never put ads in their website because it gives negative impression to website.But this website is to fool you and make money form advertisements.

Negative reviews all over internet

You will hardly find good reviews about this website in the internet.People are complaining that this site doesn’t respond to your registration and it is waste of time.

Talent desire reviews on other platforms

Other open platforms like quora are full of negative reviews about this site.According to the reviews ,this platform do not reply to your sin up application or any queries.Most of the people claim this website is completely a scam.You will rarely find any good review about this site on internet.Talent desire opinion is completely negative.

Are Talent desire jobs real ?

Talent desire make false offers about different kinds of job such as typing,proof reading,translation and other with very high pay rate which is not true at all.This is just their trick to scam people.Do not provide money or any sort of information to this website.

Some people want to check on their on that this website is real or fake.While doing so they sign up to this website by providing their email and other information.Although talent desire doesn’t seem to use our information,but there is always a risk to provide your information to a non-genuine site.


Do good research

Before joining any online sites,go through few reviews from genuine website to make sure that you are giving time on the right website.Do not go with the flow of website.Its definitely a trap.

You can subscribe to our website to get genuine reviews about website as well as different ways to make money online in 2020.

Yes there are some genuine websites that really pays you for transcription,wiring and other jobs like lionbridge but talent desire is definitely not a genuine website in 2020.

Sign up for freelancing sites

Instead of spending time time on this sites.Rather sign up for some genuine freelancing sites which pay you in real because you will be directly working with the clients in these freelancing sites.Some best freelancing sites are fiverr, upwork, freelancer, people per hour etc.You can read about top freelancing sites here.

If you want to make money online through freelancing for long time and make a good source of money then you better join this freelancing sites.But if you want just to make few extra bucks then you can join other genuine websites that pay you but not like talent desire which is completely spam.


Moreover, there are tons of such fake websites that promises you to pay for your work but actually don’t.So make sure to do small research about those website before joining them.This could save your time as well as you can start making money quickly online.

8 thoughts on “Talent desire complete review in 2021 | Is talent desire genuine?”

  1. Hopeful for finding data entry typing job.I am a student and survive with financial crisis. wish there is something for me to help out my finance that is why i want to work with talent desire to earn money.
    I want want to complete my studies with start online working career.

      1. hi admin good day, my name is Dammy, a current university student that is looking for a remote data entry job. I would really appreciate any other thank you.

        1. Hi dammy,
          Everybody is looking for data entry job.
          Instead of searching for easy job, try investing your time on learning new skills such as graphic design,programming.It will take just few months.After that you will have endless opportunities which you will not find in data entry jobs.Always remember easier the skill more the competition.Try to stand out from the crowd.Invest on yourself first.
          Wish you best of luck.

  2. Thank you I found your review/article for this website. I almost register to it, now I rather not, I am also hoping to land a data entry job for full time, any recommendation?

  3. Good day Admin, I’m Enoch, a current university student that is looking for Online Typing Job. I would really appreciate if my application is favourable consider

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