Upwork review 2021 – Earn 100$ per day from freelancing

upwork review

Upwork Review

You may have heard upwork as a top freelancing sites but here are few things you need to know before jumping on this site.Is this site free? How much can you make from this site? Can we make upwork as a full time source of income?

To know answer to these question, stick few more minutes with this upwork review and you will know everything about upwork to get started in this site.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a genuine website where you can hire or get hired for freelancing job.This is a great platform for the workers who have particular skills such as video editing, Photoshop, logo making etc and other different kinds of jobs.

How does upwork work?

Upwork is an open platform for clients/business owners and freelancers from all over the world.Upwork connects them and create a way to complete the job in a secure and reliable way.Upwork is found back in 2015.Since then it is well known for one of the best digital market place.

How to sign up for upwork?

In order to work for this site we just have to create an account for this site by signing up.You just have to provide mail and confirm you account.

upwork review
earn money from freelancing

After signing up you have to make your profile where you can show your skills and promote yourself.Then people will start hiring you.

Getting your upwork profile approved

Getting your upwork profile is not easy.After you signup for upwork,you have to set up your profile as a expert and submit it with your sample work.If your account is good enough fo this site, then only you will get approved for this site.

So try to show your best work and set your profile professionally ,so that it will get approved easily.

Is upwork free?

Yes upwork is free to join.But here are few things you need to keep in mind.You need certain connects(coupons) to bid a particular project.Connects are the virtual currency of upwork.

And those connects are limited when you sign up for upwork.You will receive 40 connects when you sign up for first time.

When you use connects to bid projects,you will run out of connects after few proposals.

After that you have to buy connects to keep bidding on projects.Otherwise this site is free to join and one can start their work on this site with available coupons.

After that you can buy them in really cheap price. Each connect cost 0.15$ and you can buy them in bundle.You will also get 10 connects every month. Read here in detail about connects of upwork.

There is also freelancer plus account that cost almost 14.99$ per month.Read here about benefits of freelancer plus account

Pros and Cons

Genuine platform.Bidding coupons are limited and have to buy to bid on unlimited projects.
High pay rate.

Others opinion about upwork

Upwork is well appreciated not only by customers but also by Forbes and other big medias.Freelancers and clients are happy with the service from this site.

However some freelancers are not happy because only 80% of revenue is received by them and 20% is kept by upwork for maintaining a reliable platform for online opportunity.

Fiverr vs upwork

Fiverr is also one of the top freelancing sites.But here are few things that differentiates between these sites.

In fiverr you have to build profile for each gig.For example you have to create a gig profile for logo design and photo editing separately.But in upwork you can create only one profile as a expert in a particular field such as graphic designer,programmer etc.
Fiver is well known for short project of 1 hour to 1 dayWhile upwork is for week or months long project.
It is more easy to get project in fiverrUpwork is more professional and difficult to get a job.
5$ per hour is standard price for fiverr10$ per hour is standard price for upwork.


Moreover upwork is a professional platform where you can make 100$ per day easily.But you need to be really good in your work.If you are not confident about your work and want to gain some experience first then fiverr can be a best choice.

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