Userfeel review in 2021 – Earn 10$ in just 10 Minutes


Userfeel Review

Is it possible to earn 10$ in 10 minute from userfeel on your free time and earn some extra cash from comfort of your home.

What is userfeel ?

Userfeel is a platform for testing sites and apps for genuine review.

Userfeel connects genuine reviews from all over the world to provide feedback about apps and websites developed by software companies and different business.

Userfeel is a UK and Greece based company which was founded in 2010.

It started with objective of optimizing the website and apps to enhance user experience and increase the business for any company.

How userfeel works?

Different company and business from all over the world want to check their app or website before launching it to the market.They want their first impression to be good.

In order to do so,these companies get reviews their app or website through platforms like userfeel.

This is where userfeel comes into role.This site connects such business owners who want their product reviewed with the people who want to earn extra cash by testing apps and websites.

Userfeel act as a reliable platform to coordinate the activity of testing and reviewing between clients and freelancers.

You can owrk on this site as a tester and earn extra cash in your free time.

How to register for userfeel?

userfeel review
userfeel tester

In order to start working on this site, you need to register and pass a qualification test.While registering on this site you have to provide your name,email,residence and spoken language.

You also have to setup a payment method for receiving your earning.Payment method available is either paypal or amazon gift card.

Before signup,make sure to read this article so that you will not have any confusion about testing job in userfeel.

How to complete work and get paid ?

To work in this site you need a screen recorder which is easily available and a mic(headphone is OK)

Then you have to go to the sites provided by user feel and record the screen video where you have to speak out loud about your genuine opinion and feed back about the site and upload the screen recorded video to the user feel.

After passing a simple qualification test you will be ready to work for this site.

Each time after you complete your task ,you will be paid through either PayPal or amazon gift card.

How much can you make from this site ?

In userfeel you can earn up to 10$ for 10 – 20 testing of sites and apps.

Userfeel has really good pay rate.But the work load depends on the rating of your userfeel profile.If your profile is strong and rating is excellent, you are more likely to get work.

You may receive 5 tests daily or may receive no tasks for months.

So make sure to give best in qualification test,because initial rating will be decided from your performance in qualification test.

This site can be used to earn extra cash in your free time.

One shouldn’t depend for money on this site because workload varies time to time.

Sometimes, you may not get any work especially when your are newbie.

But its worth your time,because once your rating will get high, you will get more work.

Others opinion about userfeel

Userfeel has excellent rating on their review sites as well.Both clients and tester are happy with the company and have positive review.

Pros and Cons

Genuine and trustworthy siteLess work
High pay rate

Final verdict

Moreover, userfeel is a decade old platform for testing sites and apps.They have hundreds of big clients and thousands of testers from around the world.

You can also work as a tester in this site and earn extra cash.You can earn up to 10$ in 10-20 minutes.

Workload varies time to time so one should not depend on this site for earning.But userfeel is one of the best platform to earn extra cash online.

Click here to sign up for userfeel.

Tip : Freeup is similar site to earn extra cash.

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