UserTesting review 2020- Earn 10$ per task

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  • Usertesting is a genuine site to make money by working as a tester.
  • You have to sign up and pass the sample test to start working and get paid.
  • This site is free to join and can work from anywhere in the world.
  • You can earn on an average of 10$ per task which may take 20-60minutes.
  • You cannot do it as a full time because there is not much work .

Usertesting review

What is Usertesting?

Usertesting is a legit and most renowned online platform for providing service related to the feedback.Here different companies come to get reviewed about their developed product. And we can earn money by working as a tester for this site.  

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usertesting review
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How usertesting works

Who uses usertesting?

Usertesting is used by different companies who are developer of apps,games or products or services.These company wants to get real user review and their experience.For this they want people form all over the world to improve their product.

So for knowing genuine review of the products they need people.We can be the people who can help them to et them genuine review about product or service.Usertesting is the platform which connects company and people.

How usertesting works?

In this website you have to provide feedback,ideas and review the product such as apps website,  videos etc.You will be paid to this easy task up to 10$ per task which can be completed in 20 – 60 minutes .  

How much can you make from usertesting ?What is the pay rate?

Usertesting has takes which pays from 5 to 60$ per test depending on the type of test.The average pay rate of usertesting is around 10$ per task.The payment is made through paypal.

How to start working on usertesting?

In order to work for this site,you just have to sign up for this site as a tester. As you join this site you have to complete sample task to show them that you are fit for the job.After you complete the sample job successfully,you will be able to do the real job and get paid.

.After you complete your assigned task you will be paid through paypal. Yo just need  internet connection,earphone and laptop or smart phone.And, you can earn sitting at your home working on your own schedule and earn extra income.

How much work is available is usertesting?

Task availability depends upon the business needs and your profile.You will be able to see 1-3 tasks on your profile.So you will be able to make 10-20$ per day depending on the work load.

Usertesting signup process

To sign up for the usertesting you have to provide email and other some basic details.Its all that easy.But you must pass the sample test to start earning from this site.

Also many times the website doesn’t accept people saying that the panelst is full.I recomend you to check and apply in the website again in gap of two three days.You will probably be able to sign up and get accepted.

Pros and Cons

Every company has good and bad.Pros and cons can also be relative to the worker from different region.

Genuine siteNot much of work
Good pay rate
Pros and Cons of usertesting


Usertesting is a genuine site that can be a good source of online income working form home according to your time schedule.On is lucky to work on this site because not all people will get selected.

Its worth your time to apply for this site as a tester because you will be able to make good side income from this site doing less work compared to other similar sites on internet.

Click here to sign up for user testing.

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